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#12626: Building boost with Python and MPI failed (MSVC)
 Reporter: MailMr_S@… | Type: Bugs
   Status: new | Milestone: To Be Determined
Component: None | Version: Boost 1.62.0
 Severity: Problem | Keywords: mpi, python
 I don't which component is not working.

 I've checked out https://github.com/boostorg/boost.git and create the
 configuration file:
 using python : 3.5 :
     : E:/Work/Tools/python-
     : E:/Work/Tools/python- ;

 using mpi ;

 I've installed python 3.5 and Microsoft MPI v7.1 (and SDK). Now I try to
 build boost:
 b2.exe --user-config=user-config.jam -j 4 --toolset=msvc-12.0 --build-
 type=complete --build-dir=build-vc12-x86
 -sBZIP2_SOURCE=E:\workspace\deps\bzip2\src -sBZIP2_BINARY=bzip2
 -sZLIB_SOURCE=E:\workspace\deps\zlib\src -sZLIB_BINARY=zlib
 -sZLIB_LIBPATH=E:\workspace\deps\zlib\install\lib architecture=x86
 address-model=32 stage --stagedir=E:\workspace\install

 The result is:
 Performing configuration checks

     - 32-bit : yes (cached)
     - arm : no (cached)
     - mips1 : no (cached)
     - power : no (cached)
     - sparc : no (cached)
     - x86 : yes (cached)
     - symlinks supported : no (cached)
     - junctions supported : yes (cached)
     - hardlinks supported : yes (cached)
     - C++11 mutex : yes (cached)
     - Boost.Config Feature Check: cxx11_auto_declarations : yes (cached)
     - Boost.Config Feature Check: cxx11_constexpr : no (cached)
     - Boost.Config Feature Check: cxx11_defaulted_functions : yes (cached)
     - Boost.Config Feature Check: cxx11_final : yes (cached)
     - Boost.Config Feature Check: cxx11_hdr_tuple : yes (cached)
     - Boost.Config Feature Check: cxx11_lambdas : yes (cached)
     - Boost.Config Feature Check: cxx11_noexcept : no (cached)
     - Boost.Config Feature Check: cxx11_nullptr : yes (cached)
     - Boost.Config Feature Check: cxx11_rvalue_references : yes (cached)
     - Boost.Config Feature Check: cxx11_template_aliases : yes (cached)
     - Boost.Config Feature Check: cxx11_thread_local : no (cached)
     - Boost.Config Feature Check: cxx11_variadic_templates : yes (cached)
     - has_icu builds : no (cached)
     - iconv (libc) : no (cached)
     - iconv (separate) : no (cached)
     - icu : no (cached)
     - icu (lib64) : no (cached)
     - native-atomic-int32-supported : yes (cached)
     - message-compiler : yes (cached)
     - native-syslog-supported : no (cached)
     - pthread-supports-robust-mutexes : no (cached)
     - compiler-supports-visibility : no (cached)
     - compiler-supports-ssse3 : yes (cached)
     - compiler-supports-avx2 : yes (cached)
     - gcc visibility : no (cached)
     - long double support : yes (cached)
 warning: Skipping Boost.Locale library with threading=single.
 warning: Skipping Boost.Thread library with threading=single.
 warning: Skipping Boost.Wave library with threading=single.
 error: Name clash for '<pE:\workspace\install\lib>mpi.pyd'
 error: Tried to build the target twice, with property sets having
 error: these incompatible properties:
 error: - <debug-symbols>on <inlining>off <library>object(file-
 target)@12756 <library>object(file-target)@12758 <library>object(file-
 target)@12760 <library>object(file-target)@12774 <library>object(file-
 target)@12776 <library>object(file-target)@12778 <library>object(file-
 target)@6809 <library>object(file-target)@6811 <library>object(file-
 target)@6813 <library>object(file-target)@6919 <library>object(file-
 target)@6921 <library>object(file-target)@6923<library>object(searched-
 lib-target)@12605 <optimization>off <runtime-debugging>on <variant>debug
 error: - <debug-symbols>off <define>NDEBUG <inlining>full
 <library>object(file-target)@16291 <library>object(file-target)@16293
 <library>object(file-target)@16360 <library>object(file-target)@16362
 <library>object(file-target)@19297 <library>object(file-target)@19299
 <library>object(file-target)@19312 <library>object(file-target)@19314
 <library>object(searched-lib-target)@19202 <optimization>speed <runtime-
 debugging>off <variant>release <xdll-path>/E:/workspace/src/build-
 error: Please make sure to have consistent requirements for these
 error: properties everywhere in your project, especially for install
 error: targets.

 I can build boost by removing ''using mpi'' or ''using python''.

 using python: OK

 using mpi: OK

 using python + using mpi: error

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