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#12731: boost::thread::join deadlock
  Reporter: Antoine Poliakov | Owner: viboes
  <antoinep92@…> | Status: assigned
      Type: Bugs | Component: thread
 Milestone: To Be Determined | Severity: Problem
   Version: Boost Development | Keywords: thread interuption
  Trunk | deadlock
Resolution: |
Changes (by viboes):

 * owner: anthonyw => viboes
 * status: new => assigned


 As I understand the code, waiting on condition variables is a consequence
 of the interruptible nature to boost thread.

 Could you tell us where the thread is blocked?

 Any suggestion of for improving the code is welcome.

 I believe that waiting for a fix updating the documentation is a good
 thing to do. Please create a specific ticket for the documentation. A
 patch is welcome also here.

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