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#6638: convert_aux fails while intializing global variable
  Reporter: john doe | Owner: bemandawes
  <johndoe> | Status: assigned
      Type: Bugs | Component: filesystem
 Milestone: To Be | Severity: Problem
  Determined | Keywords: filesystem path convert wide/narrow
   Version: Boost | string
  1.59.0 |
Resolution: |

Comment (by Leinad):

 Well, it seems to work, but...

 1. It would not address the concerns about exceptions might be thrown on
 POSIX systems.
 2. I am not at all sure about that the static initialisation that the
 previous solution relies on always happens in that order.

 There is a little trick though that probably solves all our problems.

 At the end of path.hpp we could create a static instance of a reference to
 codecvt_type in the unnamed namespace:

         const boost::filesystem::path::codecvt_type& cvt =

 In this case in each compilation unit where path.hpp included we would
 have a separate {{{cvt}}}. In a translation unit static initialisation
 always occurs in the order of the definition of the objects with static
 storage duration. Calling {{{codecvt()}}} would cause the lazy
 initialisation of the locale and the facet stuff. After that any static
 instance that uses codecvt in its destructor would be safe to use:

 #include <boost/path.hpp>

 class Alma
         ~Alma() { boost::filesystem::path("c:\\alma.txt").string(); }

 static Alma a;

 int main(int argc, char* argv[])
         return 0;

 {{{a}}} is created after {{{cvt}}} and destructed before it.

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