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#13048: Static libraries and visibility hidden
 Reporter: Mark M | Type: Bugs
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Component: Building Boost | Version: Boost Development Trunk
 Severity: Problem | Keywords: static library visibility hidden
 I've been told that I can compile the Boost libraries with
 But I think it will work only for shared libraries, and I am building
 static libraries.

 If I'm wrong, please point out what I am missing.
 I will use the Filesystem library as an example, but I think this applies
 to Boost in general.

 There are a number of functions that need to have default visibility to
 allow the libraries to link with other code without error. These functions
 have the BOOST_FILESYSTEM_DECL macro in their declaration. I am using
 Xcode. The config/compiler/clang.hpp file has defined BOOST_SYMBOL_EXPORT
 with the attribute-visibility-default setting. So I look for code that

 When I look at the filesystem/config.hpp file, BOOST_FILESYSTEM_DECL is
 BOOST_FILESYSTEM_SOURCE are set. But with static libraries, I don't want
 those settings, right?

 There is another preprocessor macro called BOOST_SYMBOL_VISIBLE, but it is
 only used one place in filesystem (for the filesystem_error class).

 Any help in the right direction would be appreciated.
 Or if this is an oversight, that would be helpful to know.

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