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Subject: Re: [Boost-bugs] [Boost C++ Libraries] #12519: boost::thread::try_join_for does not return after timeout
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#12519: boost::thread::try_join_for does not return after timeout
  Reporter: mweb@… | Owner: viboes
      Type: Patches | Status: assigned
 Milestone: Boost 1.64.0 | Component: thread
   Version: Boost 1.61.0 | Severity: Problem
Resolution: | Keywords:

Comment (by lumosimann@…):

 Yes, the problem is still around, because the patch has not been applied
 correctly. Your commits are unrelated to this.

 The patch I submitted in post #comment:9 still works for me. You have
 applied this patch, but as I have already mentioned in comment
 #comment:16, you applied the patch at the wrong place. I have provided
 another patch in that comment which works at least for me.

 I would recommend to
 1. Fix what I posted in comment #16
 2. Remove `BOOST_THREAD_USEFIXES_TIMESPEC` and make it default
 3. Rename `my_clock_t` into something more descriptive and move into
 `detail` namespace
 4. Test whether and how this fix is also needed for windows (this I really
 don't know)

 As I mentionned in #comment:9, there are also unittests in the github-gist
 given in that comment (I would post it again, but the bug tracking system
 does not allow me to post that link to github).

 When you run those tests, you will see that
 segfault, and all other combinations result in at least one error.

 The fix in comment #comment:16 plus defining
 `BOOST_THREAD_USEFIXES_TIMESPEC` resolves all unittests with and without

 Doing this would solve both issues #12519 and #6787. Therefore I would
 strongly vote to integrate this into the upcoming boost version.

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