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#13579: memory management in algorithm::is_any_of
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  Version: Boost 1.63.0 | Severity: Showstopper
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 In boost/algorithm/string/detail/classification.hpp, is_any_ofF contains a
 fixed buffer

 set_value_type m_fixSet[sizeof(set_value_type*)*2];

 This buffer is used for storage when the following predicate holds:

 static bool use_fixed_storage(std::size_t size)
     return size<=sizeof(set_value_type*)*2;

 Note that as the RHS of the inequality is measured in bytes, the argument
 ''size'' should also be measured in bytes. However, a typical use is as

 std::size_t Size=::boost::distance(Range);

 boost::distance does not return a value in bytes; it returns the length of
 a sequence. It's quite possible for e.g. a sequence of length 2 to occupy
 16 bytes.

 This results in reads past the end of m_fixSet, and consequent segfaults.

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