[Boost-bugs] Boost.Interprocess on MacOS

Subject: [Boost-bugs] Boost.Interprocess on MacOS
From: Sinha, Prokash (Prokash.Sinha_at_[hidden])
Date: 2018-12-04 23:44:58

Hi All!

I used the Vector share code from https://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_63_0/doc/html/interprocess/quick_guide.html#interprocess.quick_guide.qg_memory_pool.

for the producer ( who first shares the memory vector ), it is invoked with argument, and at the end I put an infinite sleep ( sort of ), so as to make sure the shared object does not get destroyed.

for the consumer I invoke with one dummy arg, so the consumer parts gets executed ( the else block ) and I see the myVector is retuning zero.

I presume that underlying object is a file, or whatever. Consumer should be able get hold of the shared vector.

Does anyone tried this or another interprocess example on MacOS ?


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