[Boost-bugs] compile error, boost_1_70_0_b1, C++17, MSVC 1916, "/Zc:noexceptTypes-" compiler flag

Subject: [Boost-bugs] compile error, boost_1_70_0_b1, C++17, MSVC 1916, "/Zc:noexceptTypes-" compiler flag
From: Thomas Wollenzin (thomasw_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-03-20 20:38:53


We came across a compiler error with Boost version 1.70.0 b1 when compiling via MSVC 1916, C++17 standard and the "/Zc:noexceptTypes-" compiler flag set. The resulting error is of type:

boost\type_traits\detail\is_member_function_pointer_cxx_11.hpp(359): error C2953: 'boost::is_member_function_pointer<Ret(__cdecl C::* )(Args...)>': class template has already been defined
boost\type_traits\detail\is_member_function_pointer_cxx_11.hpp(48): note: see declaration of 'boost::is_member_function_pointer<Ret(__cdecl C::* )(Args...)>'

A corresponding issue was created here:

We're wondering of the chances of getting this fixed with the final 1.70 release and if possible would like to ask for priority on a fix.

Thank you for your time!
Kind regards,
Thomas Wollenzin


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