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From: David Abrahams (david.abrahams_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-01-31 12:53:25

[Everything below assumes you are familiar with the Perforce Public
Depot, and its role in the ongoing evolution of Jam. If you care about
that, please see

for more information.]

Hi all.

I would dearly love to finalize Jam 2.4 by the end of February.


- I've integrated all of the Perforce-internal changes into
file://public/jam/... in the Public Depot.

- I've integrated the handful of the "slam-dunk" changes from various
file://guest/.../jam/... branches.

- I've also done a bunch of "null-change" integrations, aimed solely
at updating the revision history in Perforce, so ease the process
of looking for new contributed changes in the future.

- There's been at least one field-contributed bugfix in the last week
that's now in the mainline.

- I think I've individually contacted everybody who made changes to
file://guest/.../jam/... branches, to let you know about that status of
your changes WRT 2.4. If anybody out there is thinking "What? why
wasn't *I* contacted?", please send me mail at

- There are several outstanding changes from contributors that we
know we want to integrate, though we may want to implement them
differently, and I'm not sure whether they will make it into 2.4.
I'll probably looking closest at things labeled as "bugfixes" at
this point.

- There are some contributed changes yet to be considered; some of
these are "major features" (in terms of functionality, at least, if
not perhaps code impact): for example the header scan caching
stuff. I'm guessing that these won't make it into the 2.4 release,
but are still open for consideration in the next release.

(By the way I'd hope that the next release after 2.4 will be able
to happen much quicker than 2.4 has followed 2.3).

At this point, I'd like to encourage everybody to grab the current
head revisions of file://public/jam/..., and give it a go. My own resources
for testing across diverse platforms are thin, so I'm hoping that we
can shake out major portability problems (or other bugs) by way of
your efforts. I.e., I'll do what I can, but if there's a platform you
really care about, you can help by trying the current "release
candidate" there.

I will try to at least make a statement of the platforms I -expect- it
to work on, by next week. I'll also shift to a mode of posting news and
status at

instead of long message (like this) to this list.

In short: the mainline has some significant improvements, which I am
aiming to make into the 2.4 release within the month. It's a great
time for you to try the head of main and report bugs (or bug me about
fixes you've already submitted, that I've missed integrating). The
process of getting 2.4 out will have also served as a learning curve
for me, which should allow work on 2.5 (3.0?) to progress that much

Finally, thanks to all Jam users and developers out there. I've
enjoyed meeting you, and starting to work with you. Your attitude

Richard Geiger
Open Source Engineer at Perforce
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