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From: David Abrahams (david.abrahams_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-03-14 17:53:58

Ah! So I could generate a separate .PDB for each .obj, and let the
linker take care of gathering them up?

Does it store the path to the .PDB? Is it an absolute or relative path?


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From: "Jason Shirk" <jasonsh_at_[hidden]>
To: "David Abrahams" <david.abrahams_at_[hidden]>;
Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2002 3:50 PM
Subject: RE: [jamboost] Re: PDB problems with MSVC 6/7

The linker will merge the debug info from all pdb's it needs, so each
image (dll or exe) has a single pdb. There is no need for a developer
to manually merge pdb's.

All obj's hold the name of the pdb used by the compiler so the linker
can find them (try "link -dump -section:.debug$T -rawdata foo.obj" to
see this information.)

Jason Shirk
VC++ Compiler Team

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> From: David Abrahams [mailto:david.abrahams_at_[hidden]]
> Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2002 8:44 AM
> To: Jason Shirk; jamboost_at_[hidden]
> Subject: Re: [jamboost] Re: PDB problems with MSVC 6/7
> I've enclosed previous messages from this thread for Jason's benefit.
> Sorry to waste everyone else's bandwidth
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> From: "hugo_duncan" <hugo_duncan_at_[hidden]>
> > I am not too bothered whether we use incremental linking or not. I
> would just like to be able to type:
> >
> > MSVC_ROOT = <path to msvc 7>
> > jam -sTOOLS="msvc" > msvc7.log
> > jam -sTOOLS="msvc" clean
> >
> > MSVC_ROOT = <path to msvc 6>
> > jam -sTOOLS="msvc" > msvc6.log
> >
> > and have the msvc6 stuff compile with no remnants of the msvc7 build
> Okay, but I want more than that. I'll be supplying a separate
> vc7-tools.jam file which allows you to compile with both in one build
> invocation.
> I have another question (for Jason and anyone else who can answer):
> suppose you have some libraries that you want to debug but which are
> participating in several executables, in various combinations. How do
> you deal with this? If every debuggable target (.exe, .dll) gets its
> .pdb file, is there some way to merge the .pdbs from the intermediate
> (.lib) targets into the result?
> -Dave


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