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From: gclbb-jamboost_at_[hidden]
Date: 2002-07-06 22:12:40

In article <20020706132802-r01010800-a585b50a-0860-0108_at_12.100.89.43>,
Rene Rivera <jamboost_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>[2002-07-06] Greg Comeau wrote:
>>Some setup questions/thoughts:
>>* In it mentions
>> como for Windows, but it doesn't mentioned como for any other platforms
>> (Linux, Solaris, etc). As well, it seems VC++ specific (there are
>> now a 1/2 dozen additional backends available -- it's still beta until
>> 4.3.0 is released, but it's been so for ~6 months, so it's rather
>> settled now).
>That's because we only support what we (include yourself here also) can get
>our hands on, and at that only stable releases. If there is no contribution
>for compiler support from anyone then there isn't support.

Now that this is in the right NG, I'll just restate that the
compiler status info at boost site has reported of Comeau C++
for LINUX for quite some time now (I believe by Jens).

>>* I'm not sure what
>> represents, but suspect that it needs corrections. If somebody
>> could elaborate what is expected of that URL, I'd be glad to provide
>> revisions, especially now that new versions of Comeau C++ are more
>> automated, have new capabilities, etc.
>It represents what the build system (Boost.Build) currently supports as
>configuration variables. These are not what the compiler supports, i.e. not
>environment variables. Therefore this would only change if the toolset

I'm confused then, because como-tools.html says:

"The como toolset responds to the following variables which
can be set in the environment"

and for some others it looks at if is the compilers environment
variables. If the "como toolset" != "Comeau C++", then what is? :)

>> Also, is this bjam'ing procedure different for different platforms,
>> or does bjam recognize what platform it is on? (IOWs, invoking
>> como can be slightly different for different platforms, and so I'm
>> unclear how that's recognized programmatically, or described in your
>> documentation.)
>Right now as far as I can tell the como support is Windows sepcific. Take a
>look at the .../tools/build/como-tools.jam and tell me if that's true...
>after all you are the expert on Comeau C/C++ ;-)

I don't know anything about jam, so I'm not able to say if that's
true or not, especially if the build system supports its own
environment variables, so I'm not clear on all that's involved.

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