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From: Beman Dawes (bdawes_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-07-14 13:46:02

At 01:56 PM 7/14/2002, Rene Rivera wrote:

>[2002-07-14] Beman Dawes wrote:
>>I'm trying to set jam-based testing for the filesystem library I'm
>>on. It requires a library.
>>I created a Jamfile in boost-root/libs/filesystem/build:
>> # Boost Filesystem Library Build Jamfile
>> subproject libs/filesystem/build ;
>> SOURCES = exception operations_posix_windows path_posix_windows ;
>> lib filesystem : ../src/$(SOURCES).cpp
>> : <include>$(BOOST_ROOT) <sysinclude>$(BOOST_ROOT)
>> : debug release
>> ;
>>bjam in this directory appears to build the libraries as expected with
>>compilers tested.
>>I then added the following to my local copy of
>> test-suite "filesystem"
>> : [ run libs/filesystem/test/path_test.cpp
>> <lib>../libs/filesystem/build/filesystem ]
>> ;
>>and invoked bjam: bjam -sTOOLS=msvc path_test
>>This resulted in link errors; the symbols from the library are
>>See error messages below (shortened to show only one error).
>>What am I doing wrong?
>Nothing as far as I can see, and test.
>>Where is <lib> documented for use in regression tests? I found docs for

>>using <lib> to reference a lib in the same Jamfile, but in an external
>>Jamfile. I tried just copying what threads and regex do, but that
>>the in the unreferenced externals.
>I don't know if it's documented, other than it acts like regular targets.
>I tested this situation in Linux by adding
><lib>../libs/thread/build/boost_thread to one of the bind tests. And it
>work here.
>Is the library listed in the CMD file?

No, it wasn't.

But I got it working by changing the name of the library to be built from
"filesystem" to "fs".


<lib>../libs/filesystem/build/filesystem ]


<lib>../libs/filesystem/build/fs ]

This looks like a possible bug to me; apparently the library to be built
can't have the same as a directory in its path. Bummer, as the most
natural name for a library would be ... the library's name.

Thanks for the quick response,



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