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From: Rene Rivera (grafik666_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-08-27 10:34:52

[2002-08-27] Patrick Frants wrote:

>Everything starts working for me now, so now I am interested in deriving my
>own toolset qmsvc from the msvc toolset.
>I can't find any features related to precompiled headers in the
>features.jam file and did not find anything on the ASPN searchable
>mailinglist about precompiled headers and Of course I could
>add my own features, but I'd rather use the regular
>distribution since it is easier to upgrade then.

It's possible to add features specific to your toolset only by putting the
"feature" declaration in your toolset file.

>I would like to use the /YX flag. For now I hacked it into the vc-C++
>action. I tried <qmsvc><*><cxxflags>/YX first, but of course this does not
>work because I should use a feature value instead of a compiler option. Is
>there a regular way to add /YX to the C++FLAGS only when I am using my

As far as I know that should work. cxxflags is a fre feature, which means
that it can accept any value you give it, especially compiler flags ;-) Are
you getting an error? Or is it strange behaviour of some other kind?

>Also I would like to set the filename of the precompiled header file. It
>should be in the same directory as the executable and should have a .pch
>extension instead of .exe. On the msvc commandline it looks like:
> /Fp"c:\releases\2.4\quintesseobj\Server\Debug/server.pch"
>Is there a way to achieve this in
>I have the same question for /Fd"c:\releases\2.4\quintesseobj\Server
>\Debug/Server.pdb", which sets the name for the program database (debugging

We've had long conversations about pch and pdb files ;-) In fact we already
generate *.pdb files for all links. If you want to add *.pch files take a
look at the "Link-action" rule in msvc-tools.jam and how it uses the
"vc-set-pdb-file" rule.

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