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From: Rene Rivera (grafik666_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-10-15 16:08:56

[2002-10-15] Vaclav Slavik wrote:

>I'm experiencing a nasty problem with and Mingw32 on my
>Windows98 box.

Which version of Boost.Build? The one with 1.29.0?
Which version of Boost.Jam? "bjam -v"

>Even a small project reaches command line length limit
>when building a DLL (because the rule for DLLs is not piecemeal one,
>unlike the one for static libs):
>mingw-Link-action actions too long (max 1023):
> g++
>-g -shared -mthreads -o
>As you can see, I am trying to build very small library, the linker is
>not passed million object files as its input. I think there are two
>problems here:
>1) Windows command line limitation, which nobody here can do anything
>about (or maybe it only applies to commands executed via
>and if bjam executed g++ itself (i.e. by execing "g++ ..." and not
>' g++ ..."), it wouldn't apply?

It applies to both. execvp type has a different limit than,
which depend on which version of Windows you use. There's code in both
Boost.Build and Boost.Jam to deal with such things already.

>2) generates excessively long filenames (viz
>and cmd line is therefore exhausted way too quickly.
>Is there some workaround/fix for this problem? I could globally
>replace e.g. "runtime-link" by "rtlnk" in files, but it
>would a) only help (maybe!) me with my project, it would not help
>anything larger), and b) it would be at the cost of Jamfiles

The only way to reduce the depth of the variant directories is to create a
very specific variant for the builds you are doing. That is declare a
"variant" for you case that has the <threading>multi and
<runtime-link>dynamic set. That should remove those two subdirectories from
the build path. Example:

variant my-debug : debug : <threading>multi <runtime-link>dynamic ;

Then a "bjam -sBUILD=my-debug" will produce the shorter paths.

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