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From: Rene Rivera (grafik666_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-10-30 00:35:33

[2002-10-30] David Abrahams wrote:

>Rene Rivera <grafik666_at_[hidden]> writes:
>> [2002-10-29] David Abrahams wrote:
>> >Rene Rivera <grafik666_at_[hidden]> writes:
>> >
>> >> prefered compiler in Win32... CodeWarrior. So I decided to add support
>> for
>> >> that, but after seeing all the various build scripts and instructions
>> >> jam_src I got frustrated at trying to change the Jambase to support
>> So I
>> >> decided to write a new set of scripts to compile jam(bjam) instead.
>> >
>> >I'm extremely excited about this effort! I definitely think we should
>> >do something like this.
>> :-)
>> >Have you considered using the Jam extensions for examining the
>> >windows registry (one of the other Perforce users did it) to locate
>> >the compiler to build bjam with?
>> No, had completely forgotten about that... but unfortunaly I don't think
>> helps in this case :-( As the guessing for the compiler is done outside
>> Jam, in the After all "b/jam" isn't built yet ;-) --
>> bootstrapping is always a pain.
>Oh, of course ;-)
>Well, can your work be checked in without breaking anything?

Yes. As long as the other building/make files are not removed.

>I am
>thinking about making Boost 1.29.1 an "officially installable and
>testable" release (whatever that means). Would you recommend switching
>to your new stuff for 1.29.1, or would that be premature?

That depends on what platforms we think we MUST support. I can personally
test win32/bcc, win32/codewarrior, linux-x86/gcc, linux-ppc/gcc,
linux-sparc/gcc, and now also macosx/darwin. I'll have to check if my
Solaris8/SPARC can still boot and compile. That leaves: msvc, cygwin, hpux,
aix, irix, and tru64 that others would have to test. That's so we support at
least the current downloads we have.

As for the code itself... right now it does more than the current build
scripts. The only thing, I think, they don't do is support for making debug
versions of b/jam.

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