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From: William E. Kempf (wekempf_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-10-30 12:24:13

Toon Knapen said:
> Hi guys,

I read, but didn't follow the "transformation" stuff in later responses.
However, I can address some things here.

> We're using bjam on a myriad of unix platforms (ibm, sgi, sun, linux,
> tru64) and it works just fine. Now developers also will use the same
> system on windows in msvc but we were wondering what kind of
> functionality will be lost (in msvc) through using bjam instead of the
> build-system inside the msvc ide
> ?
> AFAIK the msvc build system (nmake I believe) generates a lot of extra
> information (.pdb ...) that is used inside the IDE to provide the user
> with a function-call-tree etc.

Nmake is provided, but the IDE uses something entirely different. The IDE
requires DSW (workspace) and DSP (project) files in order to fully deal
with a project. The bjam stuff doesn't generate these, nor do I think it
should (though it would be an interesting addition). Users can continue
to use the IDE as a "notepad on steroids", which is what I typically do,
and for JIT debugging, but that's about it. If they want to fully utilize
the IDE, they'll have to create their own workspace and packages (which
can defer all building to the bjam executable, though that gets a tad
complex to set up).

The PDB files are used by the debugger, and bjam does generate these files.

> Could someone with bjam experience on windows provide me some info on
> how to use bjam on windows without (or minimally) cripling the msvc/ide
> ?

Have the users create a default workspace/project and add the source files
to it for easy navigation. Never use the IDE for building, or go through
the pain of figuring out how to _ONLY_ call the external bjam. Rely on
JIT debugging, debug by attaching to a running process, or just start the
executable from the debugger (numerous methods for doing this), rather
than using the "run" or "debug" menus/buttons.

Or, you provide custom DSW/DSP files that duplicate what bjam is doing.
Harder to maintain, but the only thing that will make the IDE truly happy.

William E. Kempf

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