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From: Rene Rivera (grafik666_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-11-25 02:23:58

[2002-11-25] Vladimir Prus wrote:

>Rene Rivera wrote:
>> [2002-11-22] Anichini, Steve wrote:
>>>Just a question out of curiosity - can the semaphore node have a count
>>>greater than 1? For instance, say I wanted a semaphore node that allowed
>>>only 2 simultaneous commands. Can't really think of a case where that
>>>be necessary, though, so maybe its academic.
>> Here's a case... Say you have a compute intensive link step, I do and
>> was someone else (can't remember who right know) who has 10 minute links,
>> and you happen to have a multiple CPU machine... It would be nice to be
>> to run two links at the same time to make use of the CPUs.
>The extension that I'm integrating does not support this. Doing seems not
>hard, provided
>1. Someone proposes an interface. Now we have
> SEMAPHORE on $(<) = gcc-Link-semaphore ;
> should this become
> SEMAPHORE on $(<) = gcc-Link-semaphore 2 ;

That looks reasonable... as long as the "2" is optionl; and the default is

Also possible:

SEMAPHORE on $(<) = gcc-Link-semaphore ;
SEMAPHORE_COUNT on gcc-Link-semaphore = 2 ;

> ?
>2. Someone really needs this and pesters me to implement it ;-)

Even though I might make use of, I currently don't have the resources to
make use of it. As I don't have a multi-cpu machine :-( So no pestering from
me ;-\

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