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From: David Abrahams (dave_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-12-10 16:38:28

Vladimir Prus <ghost_at_[hidden]> writes:

> Gentlemen,
> can we discuss our current situation and short-term plans?
> I've just changed lib target to be general purpose, and
> introduced <link> and <link-runtime> features.


> V2 is almost capable of working on my own project, except that BB16
> get in my way.
> I hope Dave will look at BB16, and then look at toolset flags (BB4).

Hmm, the database appears to be unavailable to me. I get a 404.
I don't know what the numbers mean from memory ;-/

> As I recall, Rene was going to implement sonames on gcc and better
> stage target (with relinking) -- BB9. Rene, did you get anywhere?
> He also proposed the "source" rule (BB12), which I find quite important now.
> Rene, if you're pressed for time, maybe you could do this one first. After
> symlink that you've implemented, this would be extra easy. (Still, maybe
> it should be caled "alias"?)

I think we agreed on "alias" didn't we?

> Speaking about my plans, there is some polishing:
> 1. I'd like to hardcode dll paths in debug builds. Should be easy, except
> for learning the right way to do it.

I don't think we want to do that unconditionally. Lots of people like
to install debug builds, for whatever reason. I also think we won't
be able to escape the need to set up the environment properly for
testing from withing Boost.Build -- e.g. people might want to test
release builds that way, or they might need PYTHONPATH set, or...

So I'm not completely sure it's worth investing in this.

> 2. Allow single build directory at project root (BB7)

Or anywhere else, I hope!

> 3. BB14 -- toolset specific suffixes. This should allow to use "so"
> on NT/gcc and "dll" on NT/borland, at the same time.

I think we clarified that NT always requires "dll".
However, Python extensions can be called "pyd" as long as we're not
using cygwin Python.

> Does the job division above look OK?

Can't tell until I can see the server.

> There are two more issues. BB5 is the "using" rule, and toolset configuration.
> Seems like it's quite simple and almost finished. I'll implement stlport
> support soon to make sure.
> BB6 is toolset implementation.
> There's gcc support and preliminary borland support. Unfortunately, I don't
> understand some parts of current gcc-tools.jam, so
> can't do anything about it. We'd probably want MSVC support too, ASAP, but
> I have no clue about import libraries, PCH, PDB, and it fact, don't have
> that compiler.
> Dave, Rene, I really hope for your assistance here.

I'd be pleased to help. Right now I'm just trying to get started
writing a CUJ article on Boost.Python. I should be able to mix in
some BBv2 work.

David Abrahams
dave_at_[hidden] *
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