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From: Douglas Gregor (gregod_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-01-04 19:43:41

On Saturday 04 January 2003 06:07 pm, David Abrahams wrote:
> > I've recently added support into the Boost documentation format for
> expressing <BR> &gt; testsuites directly. From the XML representation of
> the testsuite, I have <BR> &gt; written an XSL stylesheet that generates a
> Jamfile for boost/status (the new <BR> &gt; file
> boost/status/testsuites.jam is generated this way), and I could easily <BR>
> &gt; dump the information in another format (e.g., a simplified XML format
> for <BR> &gt; compiler_status.cpp to read).<BR>
> <BR>
> These should be dumped into library-specific test directories, so that<BR>
> you can do library-at-a-time extraction (and testing).<BR>

I can easily switch over to generating boost/libs/<library-name>/test/Jamfile,
and put subinclude statements into boost/status/testsuites.jam (as you
suggested in your reply to Beman).

> &gt; The advantage of using the XML testsuite representation within the<BR>
> &gt; modified DocBook format is that we get testsuite documentation
> (like<BR> &gt; Ron Garcia did in the Multi Array library), autogeneration
> of<BR> &gt; Jamfiles (less likely to break things), and the ability to
> generate<BR> &gt; testcases from code snippets in the documentation (if you
> look at<BR> &gt; the set of &quot;function&quot; testcases for today,
> you'll see that there are<BR> &gt; lots of failures because my tutorial
> examples are riddled with<BR> &gt; typos).<BR>
> <BR>
> That's awesome.&nbsp; I've always wanted that.&nbsp; If only we had an easy
> way<BR> to write this XML stuff...<BR>

It's a little easier now that the BoostBook DTD is nearly complete. Editing
XML under (X)Emacs when you have a DTD isn't too bad. There's also a good
DocBook mode for (X)Emacs, and I've found an easier way to convert from HTML
to DocBook: use HTML Tidy with the -asxhtml flag, so that the result is
well-formed XHTML. Then search and replace XHTML elements with the DocBook
elements (e.g., <p> becomes <para>, <em> becomes <emphasis>, etc.). I'll put
the set of replacements into a document somewhere (probably as a sed script)
when I get a chance.



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