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From: David Abrahams (dave_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-01-08 14:57:51

Vladimir Prus <ghost_at_[hidden]> writes:

> David Abrahams wrote:
>>>>I have no clue why it's reported as missing.
>>>Can you dive in "generators-test" directory and see if there's "bin"
>>>directory there. If "a.o" existed before the test run, then if would
>>>be reported as "not added". It would be better to differentiate
>>>between "was present before" and "was not present before", just I
>>>did not code that yet.
>> There's no bin/ directory there :(
> OK, I've got hold of Windows 2000 remote console, with MinGw installed.
> Got working (with revision 1.3 of toolset.jam).

OK, I fixed everything up and made it work again with the HEAD.

> Looking at, I see strange thing: around like
> 18 I touch some header and rebuild. Somehow, the generated binary
> is marked at changed, not simple touched.

I'm seeing the same thing.

> Any ideas why rebuild can change exe?

Maybe its creation date gets encoded into the file?
How do you detect that it is "changed", anyway?

>>>If that fails, try calling pprint method of "tree" and "previous_tree"
>>>attributes of the Tester class, somewhere around the end of "run_build_system".
>> self.tree:
>> * Node name: __SVN_ROOT_NODE
>> Path: __SVN_ROOT_NODE
>> Contents: None
>> Properties: {}
>> Attributes: {}
>> Children: 17
>> self.previous_tree:
>> * Node name: __SVN_ROOT_NODE
>> Path: __SVN_ROOT_NODE
>> Contents: None
>> Properties: {}
>> Attributes: {}
>> Children: 16
> Oops. I actually meant calling "pprint" of self.difference. It would show
> which files were added/removed/touched.

Hmm, actually I'm not seeing it in the Modified list at all:

Added files : ['bin/gcc/debug/a.exe', 'bin/gcc/debug/a.o', 'bin/gcc/debug/b.exe', 'bin/gcc/debug/b.o', 'bin/gcc/debug/d.dll', 'bin/gcc/debug/x.cpp', 'bin/gcc/debug/x.h', 'bin/gcc/debug/x.o', 'bin/gcc/debug/y.cpp', 'bin/gcc/debug/y.h', 'bin/gcc/debug/y.o', 'bin/gcc/debug/main-target-c/c.exe', 'bin/gcc/debug/main-target-c/c.o', 'bin/gcc/debug/main-target-e/e.exe', 'bin/gcc/debug/main-target-e/e.o']
Removed files : []
Modified files: []
Touched files : []
File bin/gcc/debug/a.exe not touched as expected

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