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From: Jürgen Hunold (hunold+lists.Boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-01-22 15:02:00

Hi !

First of all, I want to thank Vladimir for the great work.
I've tried the qt-toolset on some small project and it works fine.

Vladimir, the description for external Libraries was very helpful.
I was able to link against external libraries succesfully. All that
prevents me from *really' using bjam is the following bug:

I started to convert my V1 build system for some "real" software to V2
and was able to build all libraries standalone.
But the build of the main failed due to some weird problems.
The problem seems to be our (ancient) source hierarchie.
We have the following structure:


Okay, I created Jamfiles in liba and libc, including sources from
liba/c libb/c,respectively.
Headers are drawn from ../include/a/.
Libs liba and lib build correctly when doing a (cd liba; bjam --v2).

Root-Jamfile contains rule build-project main ; which should build
local main.cpp and the needed libs liba and libb.
exe main: main.cpp ../liba/liba ../libb/libb ;

Somehow the qt-toolset fails in resolving the relative paths
needed to find the header to be moced

Please find a (simpler) test-project attached.
Jamming results in attached error-messages.
Just extract the archive, and run bjam in top-level directory.
jamming in liba works fine.

If you have any questions, please contact me.



* Dipl.-Math. Jürgen Hunold ! Institut für Verkehrswesen, Eisenbahnbau
* voice: ++49 511 762-2529 ! und -betrieb, Universität Hannover
* fax : ++49 511 762-3001 ! Appelstrasse 9a, D-30167 Hannover
* hunold_at_[hidden] !
 --------------Boundary-00=_CZS45D176WX2LPH3T1WP Content-Type: text/plain;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="bjam.txt"
;; This buffer is for notes you don't want to save, and for Lisp evaluation.
;; If you want to create a file, first visit that file with C-x C-f,
;; then enter the text in that file's own buffer.
hunold_at_stofi:~/tmp/bjam> bjam --v2
/home/hunold/packages/boost/tools/build/new/targets.jam:596: in construct from module object(typed-target)@3
error: unable to construct liba/liba
/home/hunold/packages/boost/tools/build/new/targets.jam:539: in object(typed-target)@3.generate from module object(typed-target)@3
/home/hunold/packages/boost/tools/build/new/targets.jam:286: in object(main-target)@3.generate from module object(main-target)@3
/home/hunold/packages/boost/tools/build/new/targets.jam:398: in targets.generate from module targets
/home/hunold/packages/boost/tools/build/new/targets.jam:520: in generate from module object(typed-target)@2
/home/hunold/packages/boost/tools/build/new/targets.jam:482: in object(typed-target)@2.generate from module object(typed-target)@2
/home/hunold/packages/boost/tools/build/new/targets.jam:286: in object(main-target)@2.generate from module object(main-target)@2
/home/hunold/packages/boost/tools/build/new/targets.jam:183: in object(project-target)@2.generate from module object(project-target)@2
/home/hunold/packages/boost/tools/build/new/targets.jam:190: in object(project-target)@1.generate from module object(project-target)@1
/home/hunold/packages/boost/tools/build/new/build-system.jam:126: in load from module build-system
/home/hunold/packages/boost/tools/build/new/modules.jam:171: in import from module modules
/home/hunold/packages/boost/tools/build/new/bootstrap.jam:41: in boost-build from module
/home/hunold/tmp/bjam/boost-build.jam:10: in module scope from module
 --------------Boundary-00=_CZS45D176WX2LPH3T1WP Content-Type: application/x-tgz;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="bjam.tar.gz"
[Attachment content not displayed.] --------------Boundary-00=_CZS45D176WX2LPH3T1WP-- 

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