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From: Rene Rivera (grafik666_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-02-26 02:06:53

[2003-02-26] Vladimir Prus wrote:

>Rene Rivera wrote:
>> Update of /cvsroot/boost/boost/tools/build/new
>> In directory sc8-pr-cvs1:/tmp/cvs-serv22761
>> Modified Files:
>> symlink.jam
>> Added Files:
>> modifiers.jam
>> Log Message:
>> Initial code for modifier generators... Name modifier is implemented, and
>> <version> facet of name modifier to produce correct soname/version-name
>> behaviour.
>Thanks, Rene.
>I've only two minor questions:
>1. Would you be willing to add a test for <version> feature, provided I'll
>describe adding new tests in the docs. I think it will take about 5-10 mins
>to add the test for the first time (I hope I won't write anything confusing
>in docs)

I can only try ;-) But it won't happen until after next week. From tonight
on I'll be mostly offline preparing for the GDC conference which is why I
wanted to get this code in now... to give you a chance to play/break it.

>2. Looking at
> local path-to-source = [ path.relative-to
> [ path.make [ on $(<) return $(LOCATE) ] ]
> [ path.make [ on $(>) return $(LOCATE) ] ] ] ;
>I'm not sure it will work when building from subdir. If
>$(>) is located at "../..", will path.relative-to work? I'll be offline
>for 2-4 hours now, but will try to really break this when I'm back ;-)

It should... can't say I tested it ;-) But I can't see a problem...

$(<) located at "sub/dir", and $(>) located at "../.." it should procude
this path: "../../../.."

And if $(<) is located at "..", it should produce the minimal: ".."

But yes, please try and break it ;-)

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