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From: Michael Hunley (mhunley_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-03-13 17:00:10

I mistakenly made the original post to boost-users until I found out about
jamboost list from Vladimir (thanks).

>I just completed porting our server from XP to Linux, which uses
>Boost::Thread for the threading library. I found it was infinitely more
>convenient to publish the libs in their various formats
>(variant|sub-variant) into a common, top-level folder under
>BOOST_ROOT. This made it much more managable to both link it into my
>application (without having to grist the folder name) and add the proper
>path to my LD_LIBRARY_PATH env var so it could find the shared libraries
>when I ran. I don't know if there is a prescribed way of doing this
>already in place, but I did not see anything in the build documentation
>(like bjam "Install [folder]" or some such). I ended up modifying the
>BOOST_ROOT/Jamfile to have a stage target that published all the threading
>libs to BOOST_ROOT/bin with proper suffixes for the variants I cared about
>(debug and release for the moment). I still had to append the proper
>suffixes in my own Jamfile (I used BJam for my make as well), but it was a
>heck of a lot better than a 10 deep folder hierarchy. I have a couple of
>question and two requests. For reference I am using a cut from CVS around
>How are others doing this sort of thing that are using Boost?
>Is there a common way to do what I did by doctoring the Jamfile that is
>less invasive (so I don't have to repeat in the future when I get releases
>from CVS)? I am new to Linux & Boost, so may not know how I should be
>getting at these things.
>My request, if the answers to the above don't address them, is that some
>form of install or publish to a common location be added to the boost
>build. If I were more intimately familiar with Boost and the build system
>(and the various installation platforms) I would volunteer to help, but...
>My second request may also already be possible, but my limited experiment
>and reading made it seem not. I'd like to be able to declare a
>sub-project that points to a whole other boost-build.jam hierarchy; e.g. I
>want to make Boost a sub-project of mine. This seems much more plausible
>and likely in the new versoin 2 format where the dependency declarations
>are more straight-forward (by name, not explicit path).
>I await your feedback. Thanks.


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