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From: Kirill Lapshin (klapshin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-03-13 17:30:16

> There must be something wrong there. If you look at
"common.jam" you'll
> see that "CP" is always set to some value. Are you
sure you have up-to-date
> bjam binary? A bug which could have causes this
problem was fixed recently

Yep, upgrading bjam solved the problem.

> I believe I've fixed this. Could you please try
again? Note that you'll see
> a verbose warning about "unsused source target".
Please ignore this
> for now. We'll fix it a little bit later.

Yep. Now it works fine. Thanks for fixing it.

> > One more thing. Suppose I want to install all dlls
to bin subfolder
> > of project root. I tried to define path-constant
in project-root,
> > and then in one of subprojects apply stage on
target and supply path
> > from that path-constant. I end up with dll being
copied into bin
> > subfolder of subproject, rather then root. Is it
expected behavior?
> > My workaround was to put all stage rules in root
> I cannot reproduce this problem. Please unpack the
attached archive,
> cd to "d" and run "bjam dist" there. Top-level
directory "dist" will be
> created.

> If you still have problems, could you create a
simple test case for me to debug?

Please find attached the test case. I changed your
test case a little, added toplevel jamfile which has
'build-project d ;' statement. Now if you do 'bjam'
from subfolder d it will create dist in root folder as
expected, however if you do 'bjam' from top folder it
will place dist under d.

I have one more question, completely unrelated to
current problem. Suppose I have a project consisting
of a few dlls, some of them linked directly or
indirectly with executable, while others loaded
dynamically. For those which loaded dynamically I want
to introduce dependency without actually linking them
with exe. So that every time I build executable all
the dlls it depends on got updated as well. Also if
this executable is a test then it is important to
update dlls before executing the test. How can I
express this in jam?

- Kirill

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