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From: Beman Dawes (bdawes_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-04-20 15:09:46

There have been long outstanding requests to add the Comeau compiler to the
Win32 regression tests, and since Comeau has just come out with a new
version (4.3.1 Beta 1) I'm trying to add it.

The compiler is installed and working (using VC++7.0 as a backend) when
invoked by hand. Both hello_iostream_world.cpp and config_info.cpp compile,
link, and run fine from the command line.

But under bjam there are several problems. See below. Note that there is no
mkdir for the runtime-link-dynamic directory. Furthermore bjam seems to be
assuming VC6 even though I want it to use VC++7.0 for the backend. Also
that after the compile, a mv command is issued (which happens to try to
work on my system because the cygwin mv is in the path.)

I'm going to need some help getting como-tools.jam working on Win32 (or
maybe a new toolset specifically for como-win32.



C:\boost\site\status>bjam "-sALL_LOCATE_TARGET=%BOOST_REGR%" -d2
...found 102 targets...
...updating 7 targets...
MkDir1 d:\boost-regr\status\bin\config_info.test\como

mkdir d:\boost-regr\status\bin\config_info.test\como

MkDir1 d:\boost-regr\status\bin\config_info.test\como\debug

mkdir d:\boost-regr\status\bin\config_info.test\como\debug


call "D:\Program\bin\vcvars32" call "Files\Microsoft\bin\vcvars32"
call "Vis
ual\bin\vcvars32" call "Studio\VC98\bin\vcvars32"
set "COMO_MS_INCLUDE=D:\Program/include" set
t/include" set "COMO_MS_INCLUDE=Visual/include" set
set "LIB=c:\apps\como\libcomo;%LIB%"
set "PATH=c:\apps\como\bin\;%PATH%"
set "COMO_BASE=c:\apps\como"
c:\apps\como\bin\como --43 -c -e10 --wchar_t -D__cdecl=
--no_anachronisms -D__cdecl= --new_for_init
-D_WCHAR_T_DEFINED --no_inlining
--exceptions -I"d:\boost-regr\status" -I"C:\boost\site"
mo" -I"c:\apps\como\libcomo\cnames" -o
"config_info.obj" "C:\boost\site\libs/
-f config_info.obj d:\boost-regr\status\bin\config_info.test\como\debug

The system cannot find the path specified.

Command-line error: too many arguments on command line

1 catastrophic error detected in the compilation of "set".
Compilation terminated.
mv: cannot stat `config_info.obj': No such file or directory
...failed como-C++-action
...skipped <status\config_info.test\como\debug>config_info.exe for lack of
...skipped <status\config_info.test\como\debug> for lack of
...failed updating 1 target...
...skipped 3 targets...
...updated 3 targets...


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