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From: Konstantin M. Litvinenko (gclbb-jamboost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-06-09 08:42:46

Hello, Vladimir!
You wrote on Mon, 9 Jun 2003 16:42:24 +0400:

VP> I think the idea is that "using msvc" and the like occurs in
VP> user-config.jam and site-config.jam -- and that those files don't
VP> declare toolsets which are not installed.

I know that, but as for me it is bad solution, or maybe i have missed
somithing :). We use boost.Build as main build system. Some of projects
require only subset of libraries and compilers that should be in
user-config.jam. So when someone will do cvs up and try to build project,
it will not builds, coz of lack of libraries and compilers specified in
user-config.jam for all projects. How can I do such things? I should be
able to use one build system to build dozen projects, that may have
unrelated sets of required compilers and libs. Can I localy configure a
project to use limited subset of libs and compilers? And others projects
should be able to use this one without any restrictions. Can I do it ?

VP> In your case --- where toolsets are declared in project-root.jam ---
VP> you can do

VP> if $(OS) in NT {
VP> using msvc ;
VP> }

I can't do such things coz I have problems that you have described

skipped .....

VP> However, there's a more general problem. People might write

VP> lib a : a_gcc.cpp : <toolset>gcc ;
VP> lib a : a_msvc.cpp : <toolset>msvc ;

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That what i have

VP> and such a thing requires to initialize both "gcc" and "msvc"
VP> toolsets --- on all platforms, because otherwise, <toolset>msvc
VP> won't be recognized as valid property.

VP> No solution is devised yet. One might be to disable the error
VP> message. Other is to allow to disable checks explicitly, when
VP> configuring msvc. Yet another is to allow the user to say
VP> "<toolset>msvc is valid property", without initialazing msvc.

VP> I prefer the last approach -- since it's the simplest and will work
VP> regardless of user-config content.

I don't know how to say "<toolset>msvc is valid property" :( but I will
find :)

Why does bjam so slow doing header and dependency scaning? I am waiting
about 20 seconds while bjam do it on my projects. (Celeron 733).

With best regards, Konstantin M. Litvinenko aka Dark Angel. E-mail:


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