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From: Rene Rivera (grafik666_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-07-07 12:15:59

[2003-07-07] David Abrahams wrote:

>"Toon Knapen" <toon.knapen_at_[hidden]> writes:
>> I'm trying to build bjam on Solaris but I'm having some trouble.
>> In 'struct frame' and in 'stuct _rule' there's a member declared as
>> 'module * module ;'. This results in an error with sunpro saying :
>> "redefining module after use in <name of struct>". So I suggest to
>> rename the members to 'module_' instead of 'module' or better yet rename
>> the type 'module' to 'module_t'.
>> If you agree I can make all necessary changes if you want.
>Fine with me, thanks!

Seems fine to me also.

>[Please post these things to the jamboost list in the future.]

And that explains why I didn't see the message. As it did not make it
through my filters :-)

>> I'm also having trouble using the script. First of all,
>> 'whence' does not seem to exist on this platform.

Unfortunately doing `whence 1>/dev/null 2>/dev/null` doesn't seem to get rid
of the error message in all shells :-( The command detects if whence is
available, if it fails it uses 'hash'.

>>The build script
>> does not recognise the compiler either. So I have to invoke the
>> script as follows ' sunpro'. This is of course not really a
>> problem but I just wanted to flag it (this is also true on IBM with
>> the VisualAge compiler).

That's because there's no logic for autodetecting sunpro. I'd welcome some
means of doing that. For instance, you could tell me what 'uname' returns on
your system. And is 'CC' in the path when sunpro is installed? And/or is
sunpro installed in a specific place? And/or is there some other program
which is specific to sunpro, which is in the path when it's installed?

Now for vacpp, I do try and detect it by seeing if 'xlc' is in the path. Is
'xlc' not normally in the path for the compiler? Is there a standard place
the compiler is installed? And like above, what does 'uname' return?

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