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From: Rene Rivera (grafik666_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-07-10 10:52:00

[2003-07-10] Toon Knapen wrote:

>> >> I'm also having trouble using the script. First of all,
>> >> 'whence' does not seem to exist on this platform.
>> Unfortunately doing `whence 1>/dev/null 2>/dev/null` doesn't
>> seem to get rid of the error message in all shells :-( The
>> command detects if whence is available, if it fails it uses 'hash'.
>Well, I have to comment the body of test_path() out to make it work.

Hmmm. I'll have to figura out another way to check for things in the path

>> Now for vacpp, I do try and detect it by seeing if 'xlc' is
>> in the path. Is 'xlc' not normally in the path for the
>> compiler? Is there a standard place the compiler is
>> installed? And like above, what does 'uname' return?
>Yes it's in the path. But invoking 'xlc' (without arguments) results in
>the man pages being displayed and thus the command never returns unless
>hitting 'q' or <space> a few times.

OK. But doesn't invoke the command (xlc) when checking if it's in
the path. Or is it for you, somehow?

>> Those are sometimes in <unistd.h>. It's already included in
>> that file (and in other places), so you can try adding
>> defined(OS_SUNOS) to the guard.
>What guard ? I did'nt see one.

I was talking about the MacOS checks which include <unistd.h> and dirent.h.
But since you have it compiling it's not important ;-)

>But I've finally succeeded in porting bjam to solaris/sunpro. All
>changes are minor including :
>Another remark I have is that filesys.h provides function signatures for
>functions that are not defined in filesys.c.

Not sure if that's our fault (Boost.Jam), or Perforce being sloppy.

>And finally, I can't link bjam because a definition for
>regex_compile(char*) (although the signature is defined in compile.h,
>the definition is not in compile.c ?)

It's in subst.c

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