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From: Rene Rivera (grafik666_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-07-16 11:33:11

[2003-07-16] Toon Knapen wrote:

>> >OK, so if I want to 'rebuild' the grammar I should do '
>> >--grammar', on platforms with a broken yacc/bison I should just use
>> >'' ?
>> Yes.
>Tried rebuilding bin.solaris/bjam but got:
>/home/tk/boost/tools/build/boost-base.jam: line 2163: parser stack
>overflow at argument $(TOOLS)
>/home/tk/boost/tools/build/allyourbase.jam:1028: in Object
>rule set-target-variables unknown in module
>/home/tk/boost/tools/build/allyourbase.jam:1156: in Objects
>/home/tk/boost/tools/build/allyourbase.jam:919: in Main
>Jamfile:128: in load-jamfiles
>/home/tk/boost/tools/build/bootstrap.jam:15: in boost-build
>/home/tk/boost/boost-build.jam:17: in module scope
>I have the impression that still regenerates the parser or soth
>(I'm not familiar with the internals of bjam at all). So here's the
>output of the ' sunpro' command (in attached zip file).

Well, it's compiling the existing grammar as it should. So I don't know what
the problem is at this point. Any chance you could run bjam in a debuger,
and/or with one of the debug output flags like -d+11. To run it in the
debugger you should build a debug version with: " sunpro --debug"

By the way, is there a compiler option for turning off those "String literal
converted..." warnings?

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