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From: Rene Rivera (grafik666_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-08-24 10:10:11

[2003-08-24] Daryle Walker wrote:

>By the way, I'm using the compiled binary of BJam (for Mac OS X) that
>is on the SourceForge download page. It's called
>"bjam-3.1.4-1-macosxppc.tgz" and its date is 2-Feb-2003. Would using a
>compile-it-yourself version be better?

No better in this case. Better in other terms, like less bugs :-)

>On Friday, August 22, 2003, at 8:47 AM, Rene Rivera wrote:
>> [2003-08-22] Daryle Walker wrote:
>>> [I originally posted this on the Install list.]
>>> This is really more of an UNIX & Mac OS X question.
>>> I'm trying out an already-built executable of BJam on my Mac OS X
>>> 10.2.6 system. I want to define BOOST_ROOT, etc., so the Jamfiles
>>> can see them. However, I can't get my shell (bash) to read the
>>> information off a dotfile when I open a terminal window. (I can get
>>> it to work when I enter stuff manually.) The system reads the
>>> additions of my PATH variable just fine, though. Do I need to do a
>>> total reboot (I've logged out and back in, but not rebooted), or am I
>>> writing the exporting commands wrong, or am I using the wrong
>>> dotfiles? (I used to remember UNIX so well....)
>>> BJam gives a warning about the Python shell variables not being
>>> defined. The suggested values are within a framework. Are there
>>> copies of the Python headers in the conventional spots I can use
>>> instead?
>> Daryle we'll need more information than you give. Specifically what
>> the shell script looks like. Without that I can't say if you are
>> setting them correctly. Also, since it's an environment issue, could
>> you provide the output of the "env" command.
>I have this for my ".profile":
>.. /sw/bin/

Not that this will make it work but I'd suggest using $HOME instead of "~".
"~" is a shell expansion and is usually not expanded in scripts.

>But none of it seems to be registering:
>bash-2.05a$ env
>I have the additions to PATH listed in my ".bash_login" file. When I
>put the Boost environmental variables in that same file, they were

This is definately _not_ a bjam problem. If the variables don't show up with
the "env" command bjam can't see them.

Have you tried putting the assignments in ".bashrc" ?

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