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From: Rene Rivera (grafik666_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-08-26 10:17:08

[2003-08-26] Rene Rivera wrote:

>[2003-08-26] John Maddock wrote:
>>> OK, I have some more feedback on the install mechanism - this time I've
>>> tried it out under linux:
>>> I'm a little surprised by the destination of the copied files: libraries
>>> under /usr/local/lib/some-platform-name/ for example, I had expected
>>> just go in /usr/local/lib. Is there some kind of GNU recomended
>>> for this? Likewise for headers files.
>>You may already have seen this but:
>> looks relevant here.
>Nope, haven't had a chance to investigate your questions. I've been busy at
>work :-( I'm looking now though ;-)

That GNU link doesn't help much :-( -- as in it's stuff I already knew. I
looked at the LSB also, but it fails to mention anything about subdirs in
lib. Some browsing around does reveal that it's not an uncommon practice to
install libs to ../lib/<package>, for example emacs, X11, pth, python, and
more. Also one particular example, one which is very apropos for us, is
installing to ../lib/<package>/<architecture>/.. -- GCC does this. Of course
GCC does it so it can select platform and versions from a single front end
:-) I'll go search the Boost.Install list to see if there was any conclusion
on this issue.

As for includes it is very common to install to
../include/<package-version>/.. -- examples include: glib, gtk, libintl,
mysql, orb, php, postgresql, pth, python, and many others. For us it's
essential as headers are not compatible from version to version.

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