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From: Chris Drexler (CKolumbus_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-08-27 11:56:13


thanks for your answers!!!
On Wed, Aug 27, 2003 at 12:12:39PM +0400, Vladimir Prus wrote:

> > Problems/Questions
> > ==================
> > - I already know from this list that "include-only" libraries are
> > not supported right now. The line
> >
> > alias boost : : <include>$(BOOST) ;
> >
> > hasn't been removed just to demonstrate the final idea.
> I hope we'll support it quite soon. But <include> should be
> "usage-requirements", not requirements as in the example above. With a
> little
> tweak to the codebase, you'll be able to write
> alias boost : : : < incude>$(BOOST) ;

I have to admit that I still don't understand completly how the whole
property propagation stuff works, but I'll give it a try :-).

> >
> > error: default build can be specified only in first alternative
> > main target is ../../../pkgs/log4cpp
> >
> > Any ideas why this happens?
> > I get the same error message if I put the prebuild declarations,
> > e.g. of log4cpp release/debug, into the main Jamfile in root.
> That's a bug. Fortunately, Michael Stevens has identified and fixed it
> already. The fix will be included in the next milestone, to be
> released
> really soon. Or you might check out the CVS state.

OK, I thought I missed some point in the documentation.

> > - If I put the prebuild declarations, again c.f. log4cpp, into
> > the Jamfile in root (after having solved the problem described
> > in the last paragraph ), how can I access the entries as depencies
> > as the reference via the package name ('/pkgs//log4cpp')
> > is not possible any more as the something similar to the line
> > 'use-project /pkgs : ./pkgs ;' is missing.
> Hmm... you probably can try saying that your root project is called
> "/pkgs"
> with
> use-project /pkgs : . ;

That works!

> Do I understand correctly that it's only a workaround to the previous
> bug?

Yes, but without include-only support the problem still remains that
paths are spread (not duplicated) between two Jamfiles, the one in 'pkgs' with
all libraries where the include paths are encoded as usage-requirements and in
the root Jamfile, where I've to put the include paths to the 'include-only'
libraries into the project requirements :-(.

> > - the library dependcies for 'log4cpp' are correct and the
> > appropriate library is linked BUT the include depencies
> > are not used (neither for boost nor for log4cpp).
> > I had to add the paths once more into the Jamfile in 'root'
> > to make them available. After the changes the Jamfile looks
> > like this
> In the case above, I see <include> only for "alias" invocation, which
> indeed
> does not work. Did I miss some other place?

For the prebuilt library 'log4cpp' include usage-requirements where available
too. At the moment I can test this only on Linux but I tought that on WinXP
the include paths for log4cpp where not added either. I've to recheck this.

Best Regards,
Chris Drexler


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