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From: Victor A. Wagner, Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-08-27 23:30:41

At Wednesday 2003-08-27 00:41, you wrote:
>Hi Victor,
>Victor A. Wagner, Jr. wrote:
> > 1) --version ALL by itself should return the version NO MATTER WHAT!!
> > don't give me this junk about "wrong directory"
>It's simply not possible. "--version" means "give me version of build system
>used". It can only work if bjam can find the build system and it does
>supports --version. V1 does not. It can be changes, but in general, running
> bjam --version
>from arbitrary place of filesystem cannot work.

ok, where's the option that says "give me the version of bjam"?

> > 2)
> > C:\Projects\boost>bjam --v2 --version
> > C:\Projects\boost\tools\build\kernel\modules.jam:203: in
> > normalize-raw-paths rule NORMALIZE_PATH unknown in module modules.
> > C:\Projects\boost\tools\build\kernel\modules.jam:252: in import
> > C:\Projects\boost\tools\build\kernel\bootstrap.jam:50: in boost-build
> > C:\Projects\boost\boost-build.jam:12: in module scope
> >
> > 3)
> > C:\Projects\boost\tools\build\examples-v2>bjam --v2 --version
> > C:\Projects\boost\tools\build\examples-v2\..\kernel\modules.jam:203: in
> > normalize-raw-paths
> > rule NORMALIZE_PATH unknown in module modules.
> > C:\Projects\boost\tools\build\examples-v2\..\kernel\modules.jam:252: in
> > import
> > C:\Projects\boost\tools\build\examples-v2\..\kernel\bootstrap.jam:50: in
> > boost-build
> > C:\Projects\boost\tools\build\examples-v2\boost-build.jam:2: in module
> > scope
> >
> > Happy??
>No, not really. I believe your bjam version is out of date. As I've said in
>previous email:
> >Victor, if that's the case, you should rebuild jam from CVS. Both
> Boost.Build
> >and Boost.Jam must be from the same time to work reliably. Either from some
> >release of from the same CVS state.

twice daily most days, at least once per day, I do:

echo off
date /T >> update.log
time /t >> update.log
cvs -z5 update -A -P -d >> update.log
if errorlevel 1 goto OOPS
bjam "-sTOOLS=vc7.1" >bjam.log
mgrep (('serror's)`('starget)`(skipped's)) bjam.log
cd status
bjam "-sTOOLS=vc7.1" >status.log
mgrep (('serror's)`('starget)`(skipped's)) status.log
cd ..
goto END
sleep 30
goto AGAIN
echo "-------------------------------done----------------------------" >>
date /T >> update.log
time /t >> update.log
date /T
time /t

on a Windows XP system.
and then compile several of our current projects against the new results.
if this does NOT build a new Boost.Build and Boost.Jam then maybe we should
rethink (or at least restate) what "building boost" means.

Do I need special things to build build and jam? why?? if they're part of
boost, the "build all" should do it, right?

> > 4) bjam is broken
>I don't think this statement is true.
>- Volodya
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