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From: Vladimir Prus (ghost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-08-29 02:08:50

Victor A. Wagner, Jr. wrote:
> At Thursday 2003-08-28 23:10, you wrote:
> >Victor A. Wagner, Jr. wrote:
> [bandwidth saver]
> > > Ok, just did that, added a "copy to a directory in my path" to the end
> > > of the .bat file (hmmm, probably not a GOOD thing, since I now won't
> > > get updates to the .bat file).....
> >
> >You mean, build.bat file? I think you'll still get the updates to that
> > file. What makes you think otherwise?
> cvs update reports M (locally modified) and doesn't give you a new file

That's not so. When file is modified on server, CVS merges the changes from
server to your local copy.

> ><sigh> then went to my boost root and typed
> >
> > > bjam --v2 >>bjamv2.log
> > >
> > > I get warnings about flex and bison being "not found". I guess I'll
> > > have to go get them from someplace.
> > > Something I don't understand here.... if I just build boost using the
> > > normal bjam "-sTOOLS=VC7.1" it works, the v2 seems to want some new
> > > tools that I should get.
> >
> >That's BGL which makes the difference. It has a library, but in v1 it was
> >either unbuildable, or with some quirks, or something else. In v2 its
> > build from bison and flex sources. Need to figure out how to handle the
> > situation when bison/flex are not present. To workaround this, you might
> > comment out
> >
> > build-project libs/graph/build ;
> >
> >like in top-level Jamfile.v2.
> I'll just get then and install them (I purportedly the "infrastructure guy"
> for our group, so I suppose we should have "everything")

Ok. In the meantime, I've comitted new version of libs/graph/build/Jamfile.v2
as well as libs/graph/src/graphviz_lex.ll and
libs/graph/src/graphviz_parser.yy. This change should really make BGL build
working again --- turns out it worked only in my local copy.

> > > Thanks for the assistance. BTW, is this building a different
> > > collection of things that the v1 build? I ran it on the same sources,
> > > and it tried to build several (many?) things.
> >
> >I'd expect that v1 should build more libraries. Each library in v1
> > declares its own set of debug/release multithread/singlethread dll/lib
> > combinations, which all are built. In v2, only one variant is built. I
> > hope that in future, a universal set of build variant will be argeed
> > upon, and that set will be specified in top-level Jamfile.
> Hmmm, as soon as I get this all figured out, I'll try to get V2 to build
> all 6 flavors (do we need 12? (UNICODE also?)). I'd also like to help work
> with the "let's put all the .lib in one place so that we can rationally put
> the requisite (for VC++7.1) #pragma comment(lib, blah) so that the user
> won't HAVE to know which libraries need to be linked.

Great. That would be cool.

- Volodya


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