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From: Rene Rivera (grafik666_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-09-17 11:13:52

[2003-09-17] Johan Nilsson wrote:

>One very important thing from my point of view is that multiple definitions
>(e.g. include paths and defines) cannot be specified using multiple
>identical switches with the compilers I'm using (DEC C and DEC C++). If you
>try to execute "cc /DEFINE=X /DEFINE=DEBUG=1" only one of them will be
>applied - same goes for "/INCLUDE". I guess the rationale for this is
>that it is the "VMS way". The VMS way to pass "multivalued" definitions is
>to use "/<switch>=(value1,value[=1],...,value_n)", e.g.
>"/INCLUDE=(disk$user1:[common.boost.boost], disk$user2:[mystuff.hdr])

Thanks for the nice exmplanation, didn't know that :-)

>Is the above also the case when running Boost.Build (I hope not, but I
>haven't come that far yet).

Since we don't have a VMS toolset in Boost.Build, it's not a problem yet ;-)
But it is a problem in build.jam, which I'll have to fix for it work for

>In perforce jam this was handled by some indirection using "DEFINES" and
>"HDRS" (IIRC) with some help from FDefines, FIncludes et al. BTW - what
>happened to compatibility mode - the distributed Jambase doesn't contain
>that stuff anymore.

Don't know about those specifically, but the Perforce Jambase code is in
there and available if you run "jam" instead of "bjam"... but you haven't
gotten to that point yet. And AFAIR the Jambase we have in there is the
FTJam/Perforce 2.3 version which may not have what you are refering to.

>I'll give you as much help as I can to resolve this (or perhaps the other
>way around :-)

Given the state of the VMS support it's likely you'll be of much help to the
support ... and many advance thanks for it. ;-)

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