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From: Jürgen Hunold (hunold+lists.Boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-09-18 02:27:32

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Hi Volodya !
On Thursday 18 September 2003 07:33, Vladimir Prus wrote:

> This demand is similiar to what I wanted. As you probably know, V2
> has 'unit-test' rule, which builds and runs an executable. I'd like
> to use valgrind, which has the same purpose as purify and must be
> prepended to run command. I.e. instead of
> bin/gcc/debug/generate_code_test
> the command line should be
> valgrind --gdb-attach=yes bin/gcc/debug/generate_code_test

This is interesting. We've currently installed a "build farm" and are
using distcc to distribute compilation across several linux machines.
We now use our old build-system, but it would be great if I could use

> The solution I had in mind was to intoduce new 'launcher' feature,
> which will specify command which will be prepended, verbatim, to
> command lines. Never designed that in detail, though...

Sounds more generic.

> What is left is a mechanism to get right <launcher> property. We can
> use the same trick as with Qt support
> 1. Declare, in 'purify.jam', a global target /purify//purify
> 2. Set usage requirements for that target to
> <toolset>msvc-6.5:<launcher>purify
> 3. Add <dependency>/purify//purify to top-level requirements.
> Now, each main target build with msvc-6.5 will have <launcher>purify
> in the properties.

This would work for distcc.jam, too. But the laucher will not appear in
the generated path, right ? But ...

> There are some questions left:
> 1. Is it possible/desirable to turn purify on and off from the
> command like build request, e.g.
> bjam purify=on

We've tested purify sometimes ago and from what I know (and Christian
wrote), purify _changes_ the generated code. So in this case, bjam
would have to create a different build-variant. And you would need to
switch it on and off.
distcc is different, because it simply forwards compilation. Code
compiled with and without distcc is identical. So, no extra
build-variant is needed and desired.

> 2. What is someone implements other module which uses 'launcher'
> feature. Say, I want to measure time compile commands take. The
> "/usr/bin/time" should be prepended to each command. If purify is
> used as well, "/usr/bin/time" must be prepended before "purify". But
> how?

Good question. But note that in this case, no extra variant is needed,

> I'm really interested to hear your opinion on the above. This are
> just first thoughs, so might contain bugs or be suboptimal.

Just my .02 cents.



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