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From: Rene Rivera (grafik666_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-09-19 09:36:19

[2003-09-19] Johan Nilsson wrote:

>"Rene Rivera" <grafik666_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
>> [2003-09-17] Rene Rivera wrote:
>> >[2003-09-17] Johan Nilsson wrote:
>> >
>> >>Is the above also the case when running Boost.Build (I hope not, but I
>> >>haven't come that far yet).
>> >
>> >Since we don't have a VMS toolset in Boost.Build, it's not a problem yet
>> ;-)
>> >But it is a problem in build.jam, which I'll have to fix for it work for
>> >you.
>> OK, the use of DEFINES instead of multiple DEFINE options is now handled
>> correctly in build.jam.
>hrm ... "DEFINES" was a typo, it should be "DEFINE" - sorry. However there
>are still problems with the script, a few comments on the top of my head:

At least that's a simple fix ;-)

>- Object file extensions are always ".o". Under Windows/VMS I guess the
>logical thing would be ".obj". The original Jam's $(SUFOBJ), $(SUFLIB),
>$(SUFEXE), ... was actually quite handy.

For the limited use of build.jam it does really matter. Just as long as it
links them with the .o, does it? In Boost.Build proper the extensions are
already handled correctly, as the SUFOBJ, SUFLIB, are all there.

>- I had to uncomment the entire distribution / packing stuff ( if ! $(VMS)
>{ ... ) as it lead to loads of errors (of the same type, but anyway).

Writting VMS alternatives would be nice though :-)

>- And one question on .mkdir:
>rule .mkdir
> NOUPDATE $(<) ;
> if $(<:P) { DEPENDS $(<) : $(<:P) ; .mkdir $(<:P) ; }
> if ! $(md<$(<)>) { .mkdir. $(<) ; md<$(<)> = - ; }
>What is the last line supposed to do ("$(md<$(<)>) ..." etc) ?

Keeps a record of which directories we already have asked to get created so
that we don't attempt to make a directory multiple times.

>- class.c/h - new since 1.30.2 ?

Yes. It's a new language construct used in BBv2.

>Anyway, don't put down too much time on modifying the build.jam for VMS
>usage just yet - I'll be working on it for a while. Those tings aside, I
>to modify and also make some minor changes to a few of the
>source files to get the bootstrap to compile and link cleanly. Would it be
>ok to mail the and diffs of the source (compared to 1.30.2
>distro) directly to you?

Differences to the CVS state would be easier to integrate but I could manage
1.30.2 diffs. Posting them to this list will ensure that I pay attention to
them... as sending them directly to me there's a chance I'll miss is because
of e-mail filtering on my side.

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