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From: Rene Rivera (grafik666_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-09-22 23:53:31

[2003-09-22] Misha Bergal wrote:

>Given the following jamfile:
>rule A
> {
> do_A $(<) ;
> }
>actions do_A
> {
> echo "$(<)">test
> set A="$(<)"
> echo "%A%">>test
> }
>A d ;
>This is what I get in file test:
>""d" "
>1. The first line has a space after last quote <"><d><"><space>
>2. The second line has a space after 3rd quote <"><">d<"><space><">
>This prevents the build on latest Comeau 4.3.3b8. The @
>command files get generated with extra spaces in them.

Just tried some tests out on the WinXP command prompt. This is really a bug
in the Windows command prompt. If you try this in a regular command

echo "test"[space]>test
set A="test"[space]
echo "%A%">>test

...replacing [space] for a real space ;-) You get those spaces in the file.
It just so happens that the action is getting split and passed into the
command execution with the extra space :-(

My question is.. How does Comeau choke on it? That is; is it the "--"[space]
that's causing problems? Or is it the ""--"[space]" that barfs? And where in
Boost.Build is it doing that (link, cc, c++, archive, etc.)?

And more importantly.. what is it supposed to be feeding to Comeau? (can't
fix it if I don't know what it wants)

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