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From: brock_peabody (bpyama_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-09-24 13:24:01


I am trying to learn how to use boost build V2. Am I correct in
thinking that it is not worthwhile to learn V1?

I have boost 1.30.2 and the latest Boost build release (3.01.07) and
am using MSVC 7.1.

Here are two issues I ran into (following the directions in the V2
manual), but solved after much digging:

1) to get anything to build in boost, it is not enough to set
BOOST_BUILD_PATH, you have to put all of the latest boost-build
files in $(BOOST_ROOT)/tools/build, after which BOOST_BUILD_PATH is
unnecessary anyway

2) The boost-build.jam file that comes with boost 1.30.2 is wrong.
Line 12 that reads:

boost-build tools/build/new ;

should be:

boost-build tools/build/kernel ;

After taking care of those two issues, I can get most of boost to
build. I can't, however, get Boost.Thread to build. First I get a
lot of warnings that look like:

..\src\tss.cpp(155) : warning C4273: 'boost::detail::tss::tss' :
inconsistent dll linkage


tss.obj : warning LNK4049: locally defined symbol ??
thread_resource_error_at_boost @@QAE_at_XZ (public: __thiscall
boost::thread_resource_error::thread_resource_error (void)) imported


condition.obj : warning LNK4217: locally defined symbol ??
0thread_resource_error @boost@@QAE_at_XZ (public: __thiscall
boost::thread_resource_error::thread_resource _error(void)) imported
in function "public: __thiscall

Then, I get linker errors like:

tss.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public:
__thiscall boost::thread_resource_error::thread_resource_error
(class boost::thread_resource_error const &)" (??


condition.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public:
__thiscall boost::thread_resource_error::thread_resource_error(class
boost::thread_resource_error const &)" (??

If I specify link=static I get the warnings but not the errors. I'm
sure I just missed something simple. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance and I think V2 looks great!



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