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From: Rene Rivera (grafik666_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-10-09 10:59:48

[2003-10-09] Vladimir Prus wrote:

>Rene Rivera wrote:
>> Some time ago we talked about restructuring the Boost.Build code so that
>> would easier for everyone to work and use v1 and v2. The goal was to move
>> the code for each into subdirectories tools/build/v1 and tools/build/v2.
>> did some reading of CVS and the easiest, safest, and least disruptive way
>> is to use the "copy history files" method. The steps involved are:
>> 1. Creating the new location directories, v1 & v2 in our case.
>> 2. Copying the *,v CVS history files to the new locations. This
>> involves direct manipulation of the CVS repository so the SF staff has to
>> do this part.
>> 3. After getting the new structure... Deleting non-branch tags from
>> new files.
>Why is this needed?
>> 4. Making any changes to make the new structure work.
>> 5. Removing the now duplicated old files.
>> The major advantage of that above is that the old structure is still
>> available to users while we make any fixes to the new structure. Another
>> that we keep all the history, the old files are there and retrievable
>> (doesn't break previous versions), and the new files still have the
>> complete history (but don't show for old versions).

#3 is only needed if one doesn't want old tagged versions to retrieve the
new files. That is, so that when someone does a "cvs co -rVersion_1_30_2"
they don't get the v1 & v2 directories.

>> For step #2 SF suggests writting a script they can execute. See the
>> attachement for that. I'd like other people to look it over for errors.
>I haven't seen any.

I did... I forgot to account for files in the "Attic".

>> And
>> I have one structural question... Since we are talking about moving
>> basically all files around, would now be a good time to also move the v2
>> files in the "new" subdir to their "correct" locations? And if so, what
>> those new locations?
>An excellent ocasion to restructure "new". Here is the list of new
>for all staff in "new", in my opinion. Comments are welcome.

>boost-build.jam ??? maybe just remove

Ultimately yes remove it. But putting it someplace first, then doing a "cvs
remove" is safer.

>site-config.jam build?
>user-config.jam build?

Since those are default configuration files, would it be best to put them at
a more "user visible" location, like at the v2 subdir.

>test.jam build?

And since this one covers multiple directories it would also make sense to
put it in the v2 subdir?

>Besides, I have one idea: I recall SF provides CVS snapshots. We can get
>run your script and check if the results are OK. I'm about to download it
>now, not sure how much it will take ;-)

Good idea... and as soon as the web server is working I'll get
the snapshot also, at least so I can see what the Attic files are.

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