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From: Martin Fuchs (martin-fuchs_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-11-02 10:38:08


I downloaded and installed the newest Boost Build version (2.0-m8). I
think, I have read the instructions about installation thorouhgly. But I
have problems getting the example files running.

After installing the Boost Build system into "D:\boost\boost-build-2.0-m8",
I called vcvars2.bat, so the environment contains:

Then I went into boost-build-2.0-m8\examples-v2\hello and try
"bjam -sTOOLS=msvc".
But I got only error messages:

warning: no toolsets are configured.
warning: you won't be able to build C++ programs.
warning: please consult the documentation.

D:/boost/boost-build-2.0-m8/new\targets.jam:1108: in construct from module
object(typed-target)@1error: unable to construct ./hello
D:/boost/boost-build-2.0-m8/new\targets.jam:944: in
object(typed-target)@1.generate from module object(typed-target)@1
D:/boost/boost-build-2.0-m8/new\targets.jam:537: in generate-really from
module object(main-target)@1
D:/boost/boost-build-2.0-m8/new\targets.jam:510: in
object(main-target)@1.generate from module object(main-target)@1
D:/boost/boost-build-2.0-m8/new\targets.jam:182: in
object(project-target)@1.generate from module object(project-target)@1
D:/boost/boost-build-2.0-m8\build-system.jam:159: in load from module
D:\boost\boost-build-2.0-m8\examples-v2\..\kernel\modules.jam:259: in import
from module modules
D:\boost\boost-build-2.0-m8\examples-v2\..\kernel\bootstrap.jam:120: in
boost-build from module
D:\boost\boost-build-2.0-m8\examples-v2\boost-build.jam:2: in module scope
from module

What is wrong here?

(Btw: "bjam -sTOOLS=gcc" also does not work, although I have a running MinGW

However when I go into the current Boost source directory
"D:\boost\boost-1.30.2", and type:
bjam "-sTOOLS=msvc gcc"
There is no problem - I can build the Boost libraries!

Martin Fuchs

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