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From: Larry Evans (cppljevans_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-01-02 09:29:21

The forwarded message suggests a change to avoid the following compile
time error:

cd ~/prog_dev/boost-root.ln/boost_dev/libs/managed_ptr/test/latest/
make execution_monitor.o
como -c --long_long --display_error_number --diag_suppress 76
Comeau C/C++ 4.3.3 (Oct 24 2003 16:00:23) for RedHat_LINUX_INTEL_ELF
Copyright 1988-2003 Comeau Computing. All rights reserved.
MODE:non-strict warnings C++

line 296: error #20:
identifier "sigjmp_buf" is undefined
static sigjmp_buf& jump_buffer()

I tried changing v1/como-tools.jam with following line:

flags como DEFINES <define> : _POSIX_SOURCE ;

but it had no effect. Maybe someone else knows how to make the change?

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To: Larry Evans <cppljevans_at_[hidden]>
From: Comeau Computing <comeau_at_[hidden]>
Subject: Re: -D_POSIX_SOURCE needed for sigjmp_buf
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At 09:46 PM 1/1/2004 -0600, Larry Evans wrote:
>On 01/01/2004 06:17 PM, Comeau Computing wrote:
>>At 03:21 PM 1/1/2004 -0600, Larry Evans wrote:
>>Right, if you want POSIX routines, you'd define _POSIX_SOURCE, similarly,
>>for SVID, use _SVID_SOURCE. Not sure what you mean by "better
>>way". If that's an essential aspect to that compile, perhaps it's best
>>to build it into that build, or all rules involving LINUX builds???
>By "better way" I meant possibly there was someway to configure the
>compiler to always define _POSIX_SOURCE. I'm sure
>boost would need this since, with their current test library, the build of
>execution_monitor.cpp fails.

It can get defined by virtue of use the --g++ option, however, normally
customers want to be able to make that choice, which is why there is no
default per se. There are some assumptions and/or requirements made in
the boost code that I don't think we fully understand yet, and/or
assumptions about the Comeau compiler's modes, apparently even moreso with
the boost code for Windows too. With 4.3.3 now released, we hope to be
able to look at this further during 1Q2004. That said, adding in the
respecting -D's might be something to add to como-tools.jams DEFINE settings?

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