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From: Andre Hentz (ahentz_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-01-12 18:51:25

Vladimir Prus wrote:

> Another question: are you able to run Boost.Build tests on Solaris? If not,
> can you tell what are the problems? I'm asking because some my changes
> might break Solaris, and I'd like to be at least sure that those regressions
> can be detected by tests.

I wasn't asked but...

A patch to run tests on solaris is attached to this message.
Several tests fail including:

- use_requirements

The error message is:

ld: fatal: option -dn and -P are incompatible
ld: fatal: Flags processing errors

and it is cause by -rpath-link being in the command line. I removed it
from gcc.jam just to see what happens. Here's the new error/warning:

ld: warning: file ../bin/gcc/debug/ attempted multiple inclusion of

Hope it helps,

Andre Hentz

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Added support for testing on solaris:
* test/
(Tester): added a check for SunOS and one for Linux. The default now is
to raise an exception.
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RCS file: /cvsroot/boost/boost/tools/build/v2/test/,v
retrieving revision 1.59
diff -u -r1.59
--- 29 Oct 2003 11:18:47 -0000 1.59
+++ 12 Jan 2004 23:22:00 -0000
@@ -86,10 +86,14 @@
if 'TMP' in os.environ and os.environ['TMP'].find('~') != -1:
print 'Setting $TMP to /tmp to get around problem with short path names'
os.environ['TMP'] = '/tmp'
+ elif os.uname()[0] == 'Linux':
+ jam_build_dir = "bin.linuxxx86"
+ elif os.uname()[0] == 'SunOS':
+ jam_build_dir = "bin.solaris"
- jam_build_dir = "bin.linuxx86"
+ raise "Don't know directory where jam is build for this system: " + + "/" + os.uname()[0]
- raise "Don't know directory where jam is build for this system"
+ raise "Don't know directory where jam is build for this system: " +

if boost_build_path is None:
boost_build_path = self.original_workdir

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