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From: Zbynek Winkler (zwin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-01-26 06:11:51

Vladimir Prus wrote:
> Hi Zbynek,
>>When I make library foo depend on library bar I get a warning
>>targets.jam:1014: in check-for-unused-sources from module...
>>warning: Unused source.... bar.cpp in main target ./foo...
>>Why is that? Am I doing something wrong? The jamfile is plain simple
>>lib foo : foo.cpp bar ;
>>lib bar : bar.cpp ;
> That's no what I'm getting.

Ok, I forgot something. Try 'bjam link=static'

I'm told that is not used
> in ./foo -- that warning should be removed too, but it's different from
> yours. I've tried current CVS on Win2000 and the test case can be found at
> Maybe you can try with that and report the results?
> - Volodya

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
 --------------080808090603090005090500 Content-Type: text/plain;
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d:/software/boost-build-cvs/v2/build\targets.jam:1014: in check-for-unused-sources from module object(lib-target-class)@3
warning: Unused source { msvc%msvc.archive-bar.STATIC_LIB { msvc%msvc.compile.c++-bar.OBJ { bar.CPP } } } in main target ./foo
d:/software/boost-build-cvs/v2/build\targets.jam:913: in object(lib-target-class)@3.generate from module object(lib-target-class)@3
d:/software/boost-build-cvs/v2/build\targets.jam:511: in generate-really from module object(main-target)@1
d:/software/boost-build-cvs/v2/build\targets.jam:484: in object(main-target)@1.generate from module object(main-target)@1
d:/software/boost-build-cvs/v2/build\targets.jam:179: in object(project-target)@3.generate from module object(project-target)@3
d:/software/boost-build-cvs/v2\build-system.jam:151: in load from module build-system
d:\software\boost-build-cvs\v2\kernel\modules.jam:259: in import from module modules
d:\software\boost-build-cvs\v2\kernel\bootstrap.jam:120: in boost-build from module
d:\software\boost-build-cvs\v2\boost-build.jam:2: in module scope from module
...found 17 targets...
...updating 8 targets...
msvc.compile.c++ bin\msvc\debug\link-static\foo.obj
msvc.archive bin\msvc\debug\link-static\foo.lib bin\msvc\debug\link-static\foo.rsp
msvc.compile.c++ bin\msvc\debug\link-static\bar.obj
msvc.archive bin\msvc\debug\link-static\bar.lib bin\msvc\debug\link-static\bar.rsp
...updated 8 targets...

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