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From: Reece Dunn (msclrhd_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-02-11 11:23:02

Vladimir Prus wrote:
>David Abrahams wrote:
> > > PS. Also the local tocs kind of stand in the way of reading. I like
> > > more out of the way (ie. on the right side where I've put them in my
> > > version of the manual).
> >
> > I also like the idea of side-bound TOCs.
>I think that's called consensus ;-) You, Christopher and Zbynek are for it,
>and I'd rush to join, too.

To do this, in the '.toc' style of 'boostbook.css', remove:
margin-left: 15%;
margin-right: 15%;
and add:
float: right;

This should do it.

NOTE: This will affect the main TOC as well! Let me know if this is a
problem and I'll look at trying to differentiate them.

> > Also, no offense but the placement of Nav buttons is awful UI design.
> > To jump back and forth between two pages I have to move my mouse all
> > the way across the screen.
> > They should be clustered together.
>I've proposed using nagivation links similiar to Spirit (where they are
>together), and I think Reece is planning to do it.

I have posted an update on the boost-doc mailing list that implements this.
I have moved the header/nav code over to a new stylesheet called
'navbar.xsl'. It currently supports 3 parameters that control the way the
header/nav is displayed and is still experimental. Let me know what you

nav.layout -- controls how the "Home", "Libraries", etc. is displayed:
* none (default) -- do not display;
* horizontal -- display like in the old L&F;
* vertical -- display like in the "Getting Started" page

nav.border -- border control on the header:
* none (default) -- do not display a border;
* Boost -- display a border in the old L&F style

nav.flow -- how are the navigation links laid out:
* none -- do not display navigation links at the top;
* DocBook (default) -- display like the current L&F;
* Spirit -- display grouped together like the Spirit docs

Chris has reported a few problems with the imports, so with the boost-doc
post in 'html.xsl' you'll need to change


and in 'docbook-layout.xsl' you'll need to add:


I shall change the parameters to allow Spirit as the default nav layout,
since this seems a consensus :).


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