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From: debroozey (Bruce.Parker_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-04-27 09:51:55

Hello. I want to use the boost test suite framework to automate
testing as far as possible. I am not terribly adept at command line
stuff - working with MSVC6.0 at the mo. The boost manual/ guide has
produced hours of frustration so far though I am grateful for all the
effort someone has gone to.

Can someone answer these:
1. Why do I need the jam business? Can't I just download the source
and a sample .dsw file to use it all? I tried opening
boost_test_library.dsw which looked promising. But nothing builds as
it is.
unit_test_framework.lib(unit_test_log.obj) : error LNK2001:
unresolved external symbol "public: __thiscall
like_log_formatter(class unit_test_framework::detail::unit_test_log
t &)" (??

comes up.

2. If I build the unit_test_framework project the output is a lib
file. What happens about the dll then? I don't understand this.
How can I use it?

3. So I decided I have to try the jam business and as another user
has found, things don't work out of the box. It is more difficult
for me as I don't know DOS commands and I am not sure for instance
what I am trying to achieve when I run build.bat. All I want is to
be able to link to the unit_test library and test my classes etc.
What is the "Boost.Build root directory?" Is it "C:\boost_1_31_0
\boost_1_31_0 ?" Because bjam --version produces :

Screen upon screen of cannot find path specified after VCVARS32.BAT
has been called annoying when I don't know what to do next.

4. If I were to get onto the user-config.jam bit:
#Configure msvc (default version, searched in standard location
# and PATH).

I would be uncommenting the above? Or do I replace it with something
specific to my setup?

5. I suppose I am just to unknowledgeable to know what the
instructions mean. Could there be a more basic guide? It is doing
things like this which teaches folk like me so much so please help!



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