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From: Jürgen Hunold (hunold_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-06-04 02:52:34

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Hi Volodya !

On Friday 04 June 2004 07:39, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> Michael Stevens wrote:
> > > ... in fact I though there's either vc6, vc7 or vc7.1 mode. I can
> > > add another option, say "native", "full", or even "edg". Just
> > > pick the name ;-)
> >
> > To me it seems very odd to default to putting the Intel compiler in
> > a bug compatible mode. We should really be aiming at ISO standard
> > code. I assume this is just to emulate the current v1 default
> > setting for INTEL_BASE_MSVC_TOOLSET as 'msvc' when regression
> > testing.
> Yes, I've tried to be as close to v1 as possible.

Oh, I didn't look at V1 when investigating this. But now I know the
rationale behind the current setup.

> > I have an alternative suggestion I use for my own customised
> > toolset files. So that this kind of flag can be permanently set for
> > testing my suggestion is to include them via a single parameter
> > passed to the toolset 'init' function. That way they can be
> > specified in the user-config if necessary for regression testing.
> Hey, so one would write
> using intel : 8.0vc6 : ...... : -Qvc6 ;
> ? That's really interesting. One problem, though, is that
> intel-win.jam has some conditional logic, depending on vc version to
> emulate. But I guess we can just look inside the "extra flags"
> parameter, right?
> I think is very neat idea. Other opinions?

I like the current init rule. It should only default to nothing (or at
least "native" oder maybe better "edg"). And then set some compiler
options ;-)

I just searched my archives for my intel 7.1 settings for V1 and found:

# STLport does not yet support this.
These were for 7.1 + vc6.0 and STLport-4.5.3 due to the broken
Please don't ask me any details, Thomas Witt figured these out.
And we then change
Warning 1125 is analogous to -Wshadow on gcc and we must remove it due
to some QT-issues. #70: incomplete type is not allowed is normally a
warning which Thomas thought should be an error.

I think that at least some of these should be set when running in
full-featured EDG-Mode. At least -Qoption,cpp,--no_microsoft_bugs ;-))



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