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From: David Abrahams (dave_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-07-10 07:39:40

This is unclear from the docs:


foo/Jamfile [lib fu : fu.cpp]
foo/bar/baz/Jamfile [exe baz : baz.cpp ..//fu]

(no Jamfile in bar)

is the Jamfile in Baz correct, or does it need to say

exe baz : baz.cpp ../..//fu


> David Abrahams wrote:
> IOW, the problem you have with the current syntax is that "/" is too heavily
> overloaded?

And that you need to look into the details of the path to see that
it's a target reference rather than it being apparent at a glance (I'm
feeling less confident of that part right now). And that, presumably,
you can't write


because you need the "/<" to identify the beginning of the property

> I'm accustomed to this syntax, so it's naturally fine with me.
> What others think?
> About "@" -- why do we need it? Is it really desired to indicate if we refer
> to target or a file? BTW, IIRC the original proposal by Ali was that
> /some/other/project//foobar.cpp
> could refer *either* to target foorbar.cpp or file foobar.cpp in that other
> project.

"Explicit is better than implicit"

If I'm reading the Jamfile, I'd like it to be clear where I should
look for the things it names. I don't want to have to go look in the
Jamfile and then, if I can't find the file, fall back to looking in
the directory.

But actually, I was concerned about something else: I wanted to
distinguish project paths from directory paths, rather than files
from targets.

> I'm not really sure "@" is good -- you need to know what
> 'foobar.cpp' is really is.

I don't know what you mean.

>> Somehow I have no trouble with the colon separating these sections of
>> the target reference.
> There might be troubles when you refer to a target in requirements:
> <variant>release:<source>/other/lib:target1
> There's a lot of colons here.

Yep. You see, I didn't even have that possibility on my radar screen.
I think the syntax is so minimalist -- we're trying to do so much with
concatenation, '/', and ':' -- that it's highly confusable. Maybe we
should be doing something with parentheses for grouping...

...or maybe we just need a very clear and complete description of
these syntaxes in the documentation. It's possible that the reason
I'm confused is that I've never seen the rules written down.

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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