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From: Vladimir Prus (ghost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-07-30 06:40:03

Hi Brian,

> # BELOW WORKS (but has a cannot find path warning) (I think it is
> vcvars.bat that it is
> # complaining about)
> using msvc : : "c:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
> 2003/Vc7/bin/cl.exe" ;

You mean that with this line your project builds? Is the warning generated by
Boost.Build? What does it say?

> # this one seems to be correct- no warnings- except I dont like literal
> paths
> # also the point here is to have this pointing to an area where we can
> (in my group)
> # have a known config managed version of the compiler
> using msvc : : "c:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003/Vc7/"
> ;

I think it makes sense to ask which version of V2 are you using? If that's CVS
version, you need full paths to "cl.exe", so the above should not work. If
that's last release, the path above is correct, and you should be able to
change it to different location.

> # this doesnt work?
> # this dir, is the "free" vc71 I downloaded and added a few things from
> the
> # retail vc7.1 (VS 2003) to allow for boost to compile
> # boost build v1 DOES compile properly with the compiler installed in
> the below
> # location
> using msvc : : "C:/Data/Rmtg/Root/_CLE/Compilers/MS/VC/V_7_01/";

This line missed space before the semicolon. That's a nasty behaviour of

> #this one SHOULD work (what gives?)- (VS.NET 2003) I copied my vc7 dir
> from program files to vc7 and it doesnt work???
> #is boost build wanting other files not IN vc7 dir- or am I doing
> something wrong?
> using msvc : : C:/vc7/;

Same here.

> syntax error at EOF

And that's exactly the message bjam gives when space character is missing.

> *******************
> Is there something obvious and dumb I am doing here?

It seems you're missing space in the last two example. Also, if you're using
CVS version, you need full paths to cl.exe. Here's what I have, for example:

using msvc : 7.1 : "W:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit
2003/bin/cl.exe" ;

> Why can I not copy the vc7 dir from the program files install of
> into another location and point boost build to that one?

This should work, at least it works for me.

> I am still looking in the docs, but what is the syntax for using a env
> VAR in a jam file? (I am not there yet, but thought I would ask anyways)

import modules ;
local whatever = [ modules.peek : MSVCDir ] ;

This really ought to be in the documentation ;-)


- Volodya


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