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From: Toon Knapen (toon.knapen_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-10-14 05:28:14

Vladimir Prus wrote:
>>What if one uses <file> and <name>?
> This is not allowed. For specifying search paths one should use the <search>
> feature. Docs updated.

Can't find where exactly this is now in the docs? Or is the site not up
to date yet?

>>Would'nt it be more consistent to
>>have <path> and <name>. This way there is no overlap between the two
>>properties. The <path> only needs to be used if the library is not in
>>the default path and than will be passed as a -L option.
> I think the slight difference is that <file> is very specific: it gives a file
> and it will be linked to. For <name> + <search>, the name of the library
> should be in a specific format. Besides, if you have library of the same name
> in two directories, which one is picked is not defined (even by compiler).

good point. I agree with you. I hope this is also in the doc (which I
can not find currently as mentioned above) because I think

>>In the first example on that page:
>>exe hello : hello.cpp some_library.lib /some_project//library
>> : <threading>multi
>> ;
>>using 'some_library.lib' suggest to me that for library dependencies,
>>one needs to specify the real name of the library (with the file-name
>>extension which is '.lib' on windows) instead of the target-name
>>corresponding to the library.
> I've changed the text after example to be:
> This will create an executable file from the sources -- in this case,
> one C++ file, one library file present in the same directory, and
> another library which is created by Boost.Build. Generally, sources
> can include C and C++ files, object files and libraries. Boost.Build
> will automatically try to convert targets of other types.

Again, I don't see this update in the documentation at
so I guess the site is not yet synced with your documentation updates
(are they in CVS?)

>>Anyway the documentation is really improving!!! Keep up the good work!!!
> Thanks. My current plan is to finish (kind of) the "extender manual" and
> rearrange the reference section which is completely unstructured mess at the
> moment.

I will try to give as much feedback as possible while proof-reading the
manual. I think this is important for the project and this is the least
I can do.


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